We're the go-to-market agency.

We work with new businesses around the world to provide the strategic development and marketing systems they need to be seriously competitive.

We don't mess around.

We're built like a startup from the ground up

Which, we realize, is a nice way of saying that we're the most unreasonable people you'll meet all week.

Reasonable people would call it quits at 5:00, say it can't be done, watch their timesheets. Play it safe. Wait to pass GO! and collect their $200.

It's a bit cliche, but launching a new product, company or even expanding into a new country really is like trying to drink out of a firehouse: really hard to do gracefully. The traditional agency model is like that: high pressure, extremely inefficient, and built into ruts that just aren't designed for rapid iterations, massive data, or the hyper-competitive tech landscape today.

So instead of trying desperately to keep up, we tore the barriers down. As traditional corporate and agency expats, we kept the best and restructured the rest.

We built ourselves differently, because when we’re able to innovate, we’re able to work better with teams whose business is innovation.

We know business personally. Everyone here at SSGM is either an entrepreneur themselves, having launched and grown their own ventures successfully, or has worked in Marketing and Business Development in "skunkworks"-type departments at established corporations.

Having been on both sides of the table, we know where the organizational gaps can be--and we know how things actually get done.

We know what entrepreneurship really looks like: sweat and tears and leaps of faith built on a backdrop of red-eye flights and energy drinks. It's underdog fighting to get in the market; enormous forms filed to regulatory agencies; and it's explaining to your mom that you swear it's really a good idea. It's momentous opportunity in the midst of difficulty, refining good ideas until they become great.

It's an incredible adventure.

We're here now because the journey of marketing world-changing ideas is our passion. It's exhausting and invigorating, and we wouldn't dream of doing anything else.


We are lean, better-than-inhouse, tailored collaboration

It takes the right blend of people to create world-class solutions, so each team here is a little different.

By building a unique team for each unique project, we provide our clients with the right people at the right time. Structured to be lean and highly effective, our mix of people continually breaks down the barriers that can creep up between departments.

The result? We get to launch quicker, with stronger products.

We are multinational and multitalented

One of the biggest advantages you can have today? A combination of real-world anthropological knowledge and an international disposition. The truth is that solving local challenges often requires global experience.

Put simply, the game is changing. As the world becomes increasingly connected and technology re-shapes how we do business, international opportunities have never been so prevalent--and its challenges so unique. From multi-language SEO to translating appropriate cultural touchstones, localization, linguistic exercises, and global targeting make for a completely new level of marketing effectiveness.

Fortunately, our team hails from all over the world, offering a variety of honest cultural perspectives and insider know-how that proves invaluable in executing human-focused programs and systems that drive real results.


No price barriers, no counting hours, no charges on revisions

At Savvy Simplicity, you're never charged a blended rate that pays for the time of a few absentee suits or the time it takes us to brew our morning coffee.

See, we aren't selling time, and we don't bill for those who aren't contributing. Instead, we price per project, leaving the whole team to fully concentrate on the goals at hand without worrying about going over budget. You pay a flat monthly retainer and get the brains and assets you need as you go. Simple and done.

To everyone's benefit, most projects will offer an out-of-scope hourly guideline to enable flexibility when needed. But this is the exception, not the rule, and it leads to much more successful, focused projects.

Plus, every project is guaranteed to spec if any bugs are ever found, we'll fix them at no cost to you and credit 10% of the project cost towards any future work.


We are experienced in challenging industries

From the bureaucratic obstacles posed by governmental regulatory agencies such as the FDA to the technical challenges of implementing a single, comprehensive sales platform across multiple countries, we know the ropes and how to get things done.

With a collective background within the technology, life sciences, and healthcare industries, we're accustomed to working within allotted boundaries and still making huge strides ahead.

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

A note from the founder:

SSGM is an ongoing experiment.

An experiment founded on a lot of experience, research, and collaboration.

We're evolving constantly. Trying new techniques and adapting technologies. Tinkering. Pressing red buttons.

See, it's one thing to be caught up to the latest changes at the intersection of tech and business. It's another beast entirely to be the one making those changes.

We're doing the best we can to find the tides, build rapidly and iteratively, and be part of that change.

That spirit of scientific-method-style, lean-startup mentality is at the heart of why I started SSGM. The traditional agency model just doesn't work well in this new economy. Everywhere I went, I saw agencies struggling, disconnected from the real demands of their clients.

I wanted to step away from the fear-frozen bureaucracies that bind so much of the corporate world. I wanted to avoid the race-to-the-bottom production model, shelling out templated websites like packs of socks. I wanted to work alongside brilliant engineers, thinkers, fire-igniters. I wanted to do things better. I wanted to build an agency on a new model, designed for this rapidly evolving tech-business world.

So here we are.

This experiment is getting amazing results. Because we're not waiting and hoping for the best. Because we're not full of fluff. Because we know that the bridges between nodes are just as important as the nodes themselves.

Because we're genuinely the most unreasonable bunch of people you'll meet all week.

And we honestly can't wait to meet you.


Ready to see if we're a good fit? Drop us a note and let's grab coffee.


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