What services do you offer? 

I'm both SEO copywriter and content strategist. In a nutshell, I do everything from writing your copy to creating content and digital marketing strategies to optimizing existing content. You can see my services here

How much do your services cost? What are your rates? 

You can see an estimated hourly rate on my services page. It varies due to the nature of different projects: some require more tools and resources than others.

When I give you a quote, I'll include an estimated timeline including how long it will take me to complete your project (both with dates and with working hours), and if possible, a simple flat rate to complete the project. 

Also, be sure to check out my special offers. I'm always happy to combine multiple offers--and that can add up to a significant discount. 

Do you offer a flat-rate fixed price for projects? 

I do whenever it makes sense for both parties--and it does for most projects. No one wants to worry about going over budget. Instead, let's just focus on getting your project done right.

 How are you different from other copywriters? 

While I do straight and traditional copywriting, I also do content strategy, which means that I look at the big picture of how your copy fits in with the medium and your business goals, optimizing it through the appropriate methods. For web, this means I take into account Search Engine Optimization (SEO), mobility/responsiveness, and its ability to be shared on social media, fine-tuning the content and including the ideal code snippets as needed.

In addition to writing and optimizing your content, I can also create your strategies for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Content Marketing (usually through a blog).  

I also offer all my services in Spanish. 

I already have sales materials and a website, but I need updates/edits. Can you help? 

Absolutely. Optimizing, updating, and improving existing content is a favorite of mine.

You seem to be methodical, but I just need a couple pages written and I already know exactly what I want. Can we just skip all the research and analyses you mention?  

Of course! You aren't obligated to any service you don't need.  

I don't know if getting professional copy is a good investment (and/or I'm not sure it's in the budget). What sort of returns do you usually see? 

The sort of returns you notice, simply because my work is all geared to be as effective as possible. It varies tremendously by industry, promotion, season, etc--but because of the long lifespan most copy has, it always helps to build your business in a significant way.  

Plus, the time it takes me to create your content is time you can spend doing what really matters: running your business. 

 Can't I just write the copy myself? 

You can, and I welcome you to sketch out what you want. But in general, writing your own copy cuts out the tools, resources, efficiency, and experience of a professional--and if you're not accustomed to business writing, it can take many long hours to complete.

By delegating your copy over to a professional, all you have to do is sit back, give feedback, and sign off when you're happy with the finished content.  

Truth is, no one knows your business better than you. That's why I often work from bullet-pointed notes and quick interviews, and always aim to create exactly what you have in mind. I'm here take the headache out of finding the right words for you so you can move on.

What's your turnaround time like? 

It depends on the nature of the project and how much research and strategy is required to begin it. I also factor in your timeline, so if your deadline is looming near, we'll be sure to make it with time to spare whenever possible.

In general, most 500-1,000 word projects take two to three business days. Advertisements and taglines are usually same-day or next-day. Technical documentation and user guides 30 to 50 pages long generally run three to four weeks. Many ongoing campaigns and strategy initiatives last for six months to a year.

What about revisions? How many do you include? 

It depends on your project. If you already know what you need, you might not need too many revisions, if any. But if it's for a completely new website, for instance, you might want the ability to change your mind a few times. That's okay. I'll stick with you until you're happy and all your stakeholders can agree. 

In general, I include two revisions in all flat-rate projects without any extra charge (which almost always covers you).  

How do I know you're committed to the project? 

I wouldn't offer my Right-and-On-Time Guarantee if I weren't committed to your project and to making the experience as easy and hassle-free as possible. My Right-and-On-Time Guarantee means that if I ever fail to meet the deadline or specs agreed upon in our contract, I'll not only make it right, I'll discount 10% of your total cost for that project and for your next project as well. 

I worry about sharing my project information. How do I know I can trust you? 

I will gladly sign a confidentiality agreement for any of your projects. 

Moreover, anything I publish here on this site--in the form of case studies--will be offered to you first for review and consent. I'll never publish or discuss anything about your project without your explicit approval, whether we signed a confidentiality agreement or not.  

Plus, I don't take on projects that create a conflict of interest, meaning I won't turn around and work for your competitors. 

You bring other people in on projects, right? Does that mean you outsource? 

I do all of my services myself. The only people I would bring in would be specialists for other components of your project, and only if you want them. 

I never bring anyone into a project without first discussing it with you and then we work as you prefer, whether that's as a team or with me liaisoning for you. Regardless, you'll always know who did what on the project and you'll always have the ability to contact that specialist directly, even if you prefer to have me manage the project.

If you already have a team, I'll be glad to roll up my sleeves and work alongside them.

If you refer me to a designer or other specialist to handle part of my project, do you charge a fee or take a percentage of the total? 

No. The only benefit I see is in being a part of a stronger project. 

Do you work with a referral program? 

No, only with my own Rolodex. 

I'm with a non-profit or start-up that is focused on positive change. Do I get a discount?

Yes! I'll be glad to give you an extra 10% off. Just let me know what your business is up to when you get in touch. Just keep in mind that "positive change" is up to my discretion.

Does "Savvy Simplicity" mean that all your content is simple? 

No. "Savvy Simplicity" is what I hope to bring to my clients: smarter content made easy for them to get, ship out the door, and see a return. So it's simple for my clients, but the product isn't always simple. After all, simplicity is usually achieved through a depth of complex refinement. You can see all the goes into my standard web copy here.  

That said, I always aim to keep messaging as "simple as possible, [without it being] too simple." I think Einstein was on to something there.  After all, even da Vinci thought "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

What forms of payment do you accept? Can you accept money in other currencies than US dollars?

I can accept anything PayPal will accept, which is most forms of payment in most currencies.  This also means that your payment is secure--I never touch or see your method.

I'm on a tight deadline and my copywriter just quit and left town. Help!

I'll put on the coffee. Let me know what you're working with and how your timeline looks. I'll get back to you ASAP and we'll get to it.

You offer copywriting in Spanish. Do you really speak it? What are your qualifications? 

I first learned Spanish almost a decade ago as a foreign exchange student and have been actively engaged with the Latin American community ever since, living for years in South America, and earning a BA degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. I'm also married to a Paraguayan film composer whose first language is Spanish. 

When I work in Spanish, I'm not translating--I'm creating organically, directly for Spanish speakers. It's a different mental process that creates more natural, effective messaging. 

How do I get in touch with you?

You can email me direct at hello[at]savvysimplicity[dot]com, or you can use my contact form over here. You can also catch me on Twitter and G+, but if you have a project that extends beyond 140 characters or you aren't in my circles, email is probably your best bet.