Intelligent, intentional work and team transparency are our native tongue

Say goodbye to blended charges and hourly rates

At Savvy Simplicity, you're never charged a blended rate that pays for the time of a few absentee suits or the time it takes us to brew our morning coffee.

See, we aren't selling time, and we don't bill for those who aren't contributing. Instead, we price per projects, leaving the whole team to fully concentrate on the goals at hand without worrying about going over budget. Simple and done.

To everyone's benefit, most projects will offer an out-of-scope hourly guideline to enable flexibility when needed. But this is the exception, not the rule, and it leads to much more successful, focused projects.

Plus, every project is guaranteed to spec if any bugs are ever found, we'll fix them at no cost to you and credit 10% of the project cost towards any future work.

Hello, team transparency

We keep things simple here, and we like open collaboration. Everyone on the team, including our partners, is in open contact with everyone else. No secret outsourcing, no disciplinary barriers.

Flexible payments for qualifying projects

We've been there: whether you're leading an international branch into new waters, a newly funded startup, or a non-profit gaining momentum, sometimes you just have to get moving.

Unlike many large traditional agencies, we're invested in your success. Qualifying projects can receive deferred payment schedules and applicable discounts.

Considering your options? Let's see if we're a good fit.