Savvy Simplicity is focused on a sole ambition: to create excellent work that improves the way businesses and their audiences connect every day--and to do so intelligently, intentionally, and with a healthy dose of genuine human intrigue.

Getting quality content out the door and to your clients' eyes shouldn't be a radical idea. But it should be simple for you.

With that in mind, I offer you a simple manifesto for better content. 

Honest, uncluttered marketing communications always start and end with the audience. Just as in business, all commerce is about the interaction. Good content recognizes this. 

Confident selling doesn't have to be arrogant marketing. You can command attention without hype and be respectful without being timid.  

Factory-churned fluff doesn't speak to anyone. It's not enough to produce well-meaning, keyword-stuffed content and shout into the void. Instead, the best content is designed to be worth talking about, creating actual value for everyone involved.

Mapless content wanders the cyberdesert unread. Content, whether it's written, interactive or visual, needs strong data to guide it and the right technology to back it up. Relying solely on "right-brain" creative flair is to miss half the potential your content has. Together, technique and the technical create a reliable, testable map for success.

Quality content doesn't just talk nice about making a difference--it actually does it. That's why I offer a discount for non-profits and start-ups focused on positive change. Just ask