Meet our Founder at SXSW!

I help new products (and their instigators) survive their first five years.

Within larger organizations.

Within emerging markets.

Within new geographies.

I built SSGM for the sole purpose of developing businesses in the most absurdly challenging markets out there: international IoT, healthtech, life sciences.

We're making the future. Writing the rules.

Disrupting, skunkworking, experimenting.

Sometimes this looks like getting the right (real) market research and validation for pitching the big guys. Sometimes it's a game of Python and Java: smarter business technology driving smarter technologies. And sometimes it's all in taking strategy into real-world tactics, getting sites and decks to do their jobs.

What a phenomenal time to be alive and curious!

Find me at SXSW!

At SX? Want to know where the free coffee is? Trust me, I'm on it.  Send me an email below (hello [at] or tweet me directly (@savvysimplicity) and let's get in touch! Always love a good conversation and to meet likeminded (read: caffeinated) people!

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